Future Posts

This will be the last post for a while. This blog has been for a course called Anthropology of the Body. I might write more posts and continue with this blog but for now I will leave you with three closing thoughts and subjects that I would like to consider in the future. 1) I would […]

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The Body Politicized: Art Break

  I went to Dismaland last September and one of the works on display was a vending machine with a fetus floating inside by artist Dietrich Wegner. Check out this video of Dismaland if interested: As people crowded around the display many were enraged or disgusted. Responses varied from stocic disapproval in the form of […]

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Google Search: “Cute Babies”

When I have googled “cute baby” and “cute babies”  for this blog, my computer screen is  almost immediately flooded with images that make my eyes water and my heart throb. However, I noticed that all of the babies Google presents to me are white. “Beautiful newborn” and  “beautiful baby” present similar results. In fact here […]

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Matching Microbes, Outdated binaries

  Microorganisms: bacteria, fungi and single celled archaea live all around, on, and in humans.To learn more about microbes check this helpful link out: What are Microbes?. I came across this video interesting video (see below), which shows how after birth the microbiome of a baby’s gut resembles that of their mother’s vagina. This video […]

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