Google Search: “Cute Babies”

When I have googled “cute baby” and “cute babies”  for this blog, my computer screen is  almost immediately flooded with images that make my eyes water and my heart throb. However, I noticed that all of the babies Google presents to me are white. “Beautiful newborn” and  “beautiful baby” present similar results. In fact here […]

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Matching Microbes, Outdated binaries

  Microorganisms: bacteria, fungi and single celled archaea live all around, on, and in humans.To learn more about microbes check this helpful link out: What are Microbes?. I came across this video interesting video (see below), which shows how after birth the microbiome of a baby’s gut resembles that of their mother’s vagina. This video […]

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Embedded Babies, Embodied Births

  I was born at home. I will birth my babies at home. My mother never considered an epidural. I passionately campaign against their use in conversations with friends. While the embodied practices of childbirth vary dramatically throughout the world, they are often reproduced from parent to child. For example, Deloache polled his students as […]

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Growing up Human

  This blog will focus on babies and infants and their political, economic and social lives. While each individual may have preconceived notions of what it means to conceive, carry, birth and then raise a baby, this “common sense” knowledge totally varies cross culturally (DeLoache & Gottlieb, 2000). While the CDC defines infants and babies […]

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